GSE Instructor Handbook: Contents

1. Introduction

2. Goals of the Handbook

3. General Information

    GSE Leadership
    Emergency Phone Numbers

4. Faculty Employment

    Employment Forms
    Payroll Information
    Staff and Family Tuition Privileges

5. Preparing to Teach

If you are proposing and developing a course, see this document.
For off-campus courses information: (Coming soon.)

6. Course Delivery, Logistics, and Support

    Use of Copyrighted Materials
    Media Resources
    Audiovisual Equipment
    • Metropolitan Instructional Support Laboratory (MISL)
    • Other Campus Buildings
    • Off-campus Courses

    Periodic Use of a Computer Lab
    Computer Lab-Based Courses
    Miscellaneous Audiovisual Materials
    Putting Materials on Reserve
    Reserve Library, Branford P. Millar Library, PSU
    Metropolitan Instructional Support Laboratory (MISL)
    Student Class Lists (PSU Information System/Banweb)
    Returning Work to Students
    Faculty Class Absences
    Inclement Weather Cancellations
    Reasonable Accommodation/Access Policy

Very Helpful Resources from the Office of Student Life: This set of videos provides information on topics that include (among others): addressing academic dishonesty, supporting students in distress, addressing disruptive behavior, sharing student academic records, and support for trans or gender variant students in the classroom.

For CE/ED (Continuing Education) Courses:

    Guidelines for Course Cancellation Due to Low Enrollment

7. Course Completion

    Final Examinations
    Faculty/Course Evaluation Process
    Grading Guidelines
    Posting Grades
      Definition of University Grades
      Grading Deadlines
      Grading System
      Grade option (Mode) Changing
      Grading Roster
      Grade Changes
    Guidelines for Supplementary Grade Report (SGRs)
      Completing the SGR
      Reasons for Using an SGR
    Giving an Incomplete
    Online Grading
    • Grade Quick for Faculty
    • Student Access to Grades
    • Grade Quick for Students
    PSU Online Grading Tutorial

8. Student Policies and Procedures

    Behavior and Performance Guidelines
    Student Appeals
    Registration Issues
    Religious Holy Days

9. Faculty Policies and Procedures

10. Faculty Support Services

    Center for Academic Excellence
    GSE Outreach
    Employee Assistance Program
    Computer Accounts
    Disability Services for Students
    English as a Second Language (ESL)
    Faculty Library Privileges
    • Millar Library (PSU campus library)
    • Parking Structure 1
    • Parking Structure 2
    • Parking Structure 3
    • University Center Garage
    • Daily Permit Rates (subject to change)
    Security Escort Services
    Writing Center

11. Field Experience Supervision

    Roles and Responsibilities
    Specific Responsibilities (PDF)
    Field Experience Placements and Clinical Experience Policy, found here
    The Work Sample
    Students Who Have Difficulty in Their Placements see Clinical Experience Policy found here (PDF)

12. Advising

    Licensure Programs
    An Oregon Teaching License
    Licenses for Other Education Professionals
    Advising Students for Licensure/Endorsement
    Degree Programs
    Advising Students for the Master's Degree
      Important things to remember
      Office of Graduate Studies Forms
    Student Complaints and Appeals
    Registering for Classes
    Upholding Behavior and Performance Standards